Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Personal Project!

A couple months ago I started a new personal project. The goal is to create something that I can pull together for an art book. I've been building the story and using my sketchbook to build the world. Eventually, I'll finalize the designs and locations in Photoshop. If you want to follow the progress on this more closely, I post to my Instagram account more than anywhere else right now (twitter and tumblr second to that). I'll post more later but for now, wish me luck!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Lexica:The Seeker - Direction Sheets

We had just about enough time to do a few weeks of preproduction before jumping right into development. Being new to the team and project, that left no time for writing an Art Doc. I eventually did write one but to help put the team on the same page I started making these direction sheets. I probably made about three times as many as are represented here. The game came together nicely!

Lexica: The Seeker - Concept Art

A little over a year ago I took a job at Schell Games as an Art Director. My first project with the company happened to be the studio's largest project to date. Lexica: Unbound (iPad) was wrapping up and the sequel had just come under contract. There was a lot already established but also a lot that needed defining and exploring. This sequel, Lexica: The Seeker, was bigger, more complicated, and had higher production values overall. We had a great team and while most of my time was spent in meetings and directing others, I got some opportunity here and there to slap some images together. Here is some of that!