Monday, February 21, 2011

Sucky Sci-Fi Sketch

I've never been very good at sci-fi themes, for the most part. I'm more of a horror and fantasy guy by nature, though I love robots and space ships as much as the next guy. I've just not practiced with it enough to get my own head around what makes cool tech, well, cool.

Normally I try to create and work with my own brushes but I have recently added and am experimenting with, several new brushes from a couple of different artists (or brushes that another artist or two have compiled from still other artists). This sketch-thing was sitting on my hard drive in a very early stage and in an attempt to both try out some new brushes and become more regular about making posts, I decided to see where it would go if I put a little time into it. Well, a couple of frustrating hours later I was left with what you see here. The original idea behind the image was much more original and interesting but as the night grew late and I became more frustrated with the sketch's lack of cooperation, predictability ensued.

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