Sunday, February 6, 2011


Here, finally, is one of the illustrations I kept promising from before I moved, 5 months ago. I made some time and finished it up, cutting a few planned elements out of it in order to make it happen. I feel that the cuts I made ended up being for the best anyways. This image represents several years of development. I doodled the original ink sketch in 08 I think. I don't remember when I decided to turn it into an illustration but it was at least a year or more ago...probably more. Most of it's development has taken place within the last, eh, 7 months, when I would come back and pick away on it as I could.


  1. I dig that monster's half-submerged head. Nice.

  2. I just happened to come across your blog through steve prescott. I'm diggin this piece, the face of your creature was handled very well and it feels like the head is real submerged in liquid.